I’ve fixed some bugs and added new features. I think I can post another update.

3 thoughts on “Last Update of this Year ;)

  • Stanley Morris

    I just downloaded appGameKit and it has a strange feel to it but interesting. I also downloaded and installed your templates for C# and I am intrigued. I installed the templates on VS2017 and they seem to work. Keep up the work!

    • Stanley Morris

      I have reached chapter 8 of the tutorial book but doing all the code in C#. It is a bit of a workout to learn one language and immediately turnaround and covert it to another language but it is going pretty well. I love your template! I cannot wait to start using the window form version after I finish the tutorial.

      The only issues that I have seen are with the joystick commands. It seems that they are setup in C# something like:
      if left then do something
      else if down then do something
      else if right then do something
      else if up then do something

      whereas in AGK BASIC and a lot of engines the code is all if statements. This allows for horizontal movement with both and up and left key pressed for instance and then you can “normalize” the movement.

      I have also noticed that the timer commands seem to block any other input so I will have to try using the C# version of stopwatch so my mouse pointer click code works. See tutorial 1 chapter 8 code for a good example of the timer issues

      Again I love being able to do this stuff in C# and not BASIC… All the demo’s in the book work fine.

  • MadBit

    Thanks for your comments.

    The joystick commands should also work in the usual way with if.

    Or as in my Dust2Dust example. (excerpt)
    // joystick control
    if (Agk.IsRawJoystickExists(1))
    rot = CPlayer.ROTARY * Agk.GetRawJoystickX(1);
    thr = CPlayer.THRUST * -Agk.GetRawJoystickY(1);
    firing = Agk.IsRawJoystickButtonDown(1, 1);
    ghost = Agk.IsRawJoystickButtonDown(1, 2);

    I will check the problem with the timer. Thanks again for that.

    For further questions, I would recommend you to register in the GameCreators forum (https://www.thegamecreators.com/login). So that others can learn from your experience with AgkSharp.

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