ACE is an alternative development environment to the official IDE of AGK.

For Linux (not yet available)
For Windows


Better Syntax-Highlighting (function, labels, types, string, numbers, comments, preprocessor, constants) adjustable in fore-/backcolor, font size and style(bold / italic)
Clear representation of used symbols (function, labels, types variable, constants) in a tree view.
Load and save of the complete workspace in which your projects organized.
Intellisens of BuiltIn functions, user functions plugin functions and all other symbols in the current active project.
Better line folding of types, functions and loops.
Commenting / uncommenting lines – with a Hotkey or click
Auto indentation by typing
Automatic indentation when entering the code
Autocomplete in code blocks.
Codesnippet functionality, similar to geany.
Display help page, of the command by pressing F1.
Code beautification at one click.
Easy insertion of LIB/API modules.
Paragraph, fold level and base fold level selection mode.
Highlighting all occurances of selcted word in document.
remembers which part of the code has been folded in the last session
remembers the variable watch list of the last debug session.
add variable to watch list per hotkey and right click.
Smartformat can set to ‘lowercase’, ‘UPPERCASE’ or ‘MixedCase’. And this for four different code sections:

  • AGK-Core-Commands (All loops, ‘if … then’, ‘select … case’ ect.
  • AGK-Commands (LoadImage, SetSprite…)
  • Preprocessor (#Include, #Import_Plugin, …)
  • User symbols.

History Walker
Code Browser

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If you’re a AGK-Plugin developer, you may also like to write a plugin definition file for your plugin. More information about Plugins see Modules/Plugin section.


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