This plugin is a kind of wrapper around the NuclearUI library, for AGK. With over 300 new commands.
A quotation from the nuclear project side.

“This is a minimal-state, immediate-mode graphical user interface toolkit written in ANSI C and licensed under public domain. It was designed as a simple embeddable user interface for application and does not have any dependencies, a default render backend or OS window/input handling but instead provides a highly modular, library-based approach, with simple input state for input and draw commands describing primitive shapes as output. So instead of providing a layered library that tries to abstract over a number of platform and render backends, it focuses only on the actual UI.”

Since this library works a lot with pointers I had to write some workarounds for AGK to preserve the functionality.

What do you find in this package?
Two directories and a text file.
In the directory AGK-Project you can find several example projects. These are not very well documented but it is worth to have a look inside.
The directory Plugins contains the actual plugin. How a Plugin is installed, you can find out here. The Plugin is for Windows,Windows64 and Linux64.
The text file is a not quite complete function overview. This can be helpful for the many function parameters, which require some functions.

Known issues:
  • Progressbar: When setting values the bar loses focus when leaving the widget.
  • AGK-Window: When scaling the AGK-window the nuclear surface is not scaled. I assumed I had fixed this problem but then found that there were errors within group windows with scrollbar. So I had to go back to the old method. This method automatically adjusts the virtual resolution to the window size.
  • Reference sheet with all commands.
  • Dokumentation of all commands.



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Change Log:

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If you would like to support this project you are welcome to donate some coins. I am happy about every cent I get.


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