It has become quiet!

On 10-12-2017 was the last update. Hope that everything runs reasonably and is usable. The community is a bit quiet. No wonder at such a start.

In the last update I have donated a new homepage and a new color theme, some bug fixes and a few more improvements.

Now I’m working on the notification system and coderefactoring.

Uhm, Damn!

I noticed that there are some serious bugs on release. When a line of code is completed with enter, the editor behaves a bit strange. The insert of modules does not work.
I do not understand that, because everything worked well before. As you can see on the GIF’s.
I will have to do a quick update. The strange behavior I have already fixed. Now only the insert of the modules must be gefixed.

My first Post :)

The first beta release is coming up. there are only small things to do. There will certainly be some bugs left. But these will surely find the great TGC community. Then I will take care of the elimination.
Until then, I will work on the Linux version.