Each module has its own directory in the module directory. This is the module definition file. In this is a JSON file called ‘’ and with the content.

“ModulName” : “JSON-API”, <- Name of the module. Is also displayed in the menu.
“ModulDescription” : “API for read, write and modify JSON files.”, <- Beschreibung des Moduls.
“DependencyModules” : [], <- Names of the modules on which this is dependent.
“DependencyPlugins” : [], <- Names of the plugins on which this module depends.
“Files” : [“JSON.agc”] <- Files that need to be copied to the project directory.

Files to be copied in the project directory. Must match the ones copied here in the directory. Solve of the dependencies does not work yet.



In the default plugin directory, another file must be created. This describes all contained functions and parameters. It has the same format as the file read by geany ( ‘main.agc.tags’). Only here it is called ‘Plugin.tags’. Here is an example of the example plugin.

AddFloat|Float|(Float fParam0, Float fParam1)|
ModifyString|String|(String szParam)|
DLLPrint||(String szParam)|
SetI||(Integer iParam)|
LotsOfParams||(Integer iParam0, Integer iParam1, Float fParam2, Float fParam3, Integer iParam4, String szParam5, Float fParam6)|

FunctionName|[ReturnType]|([[ParameterType ParammeterName]…]|