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[2017-12-10] V0.2.4

[FIX] Some improvements in displaying the custom variables.
[FIX] Debugging the project no longer opens all files.
[FIX] Crash when opening the main.agc file of a newly created project.
[FIX] 'Project-> Project Properties' has no function.
[FIX] Automatic selection of an active project if no project is active.
[FIX] Crash when clicking on Project Only checkbox if no active project is selected.
[FIX] Path for APK export directory requires a file and not a folder.
[FIX] New design of welcome screen.
[FIX] AutoIndent changes the indentation of the line in the whole block and not line by line.

[ADD] Possibility to close all files and all but this file.
[ADD] Possibility to save active file and save as.
[ADD] Copy the path of the file to the clipboard and open the path in File Manager.
[ADD] New theme 'Mint'

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