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[2017-10-28] V0.3.5

[FIX] Codetips do not always disappear when it should be.
[FIX] Modified variables are not correctly adopted in the symbol list.
[FIX] Enter a line in the code by pressing the Enter key when the cursor is at the beginning of the line. Are the lines formatted but no new one inserted.
[FIX] No symbols were displayed in the symbol tab.
[FIX] Possibility to switch Smartformat on / off. (Preferences).
[FIX] Possibility to switch Autoindent on / off. (Preferences).
[FIX] Possibility to switch Block-Completion on / off. (Preferences).
[FIX] Possibility to switch code folding on / off. (Preferences).
[FIX] BlockComplete does not work.
[FIX] Autocomplete turned off in comments.
[FIX] SmartFormat does not work correctly when completing a line.
[FIX] After insert new-line wrong cursor position.
[FIX] Missing file suggestion at #Insert.
[FIX] Filter out current file at #Include suggestions.

[ADD] Open the include file with the right mouse button on the include name (pop-up menu).
[ADD] Find all the symbols in the project. Code refactoring: Renaming of symbols is now possible via the search tab.
[ADD] Keywords in comments. For easy insertion of TODO's (!TODO:), bugfixes (!FIX:) and messeges (!MSG:).