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  • February 4, 2018 Create Date

[2018-02-04] V0.4.6

[FIX] If you force code suggestions with'[CTRL]+[SPACE]' and the cursor is placed on a member of a type, the correct suggestions are not offered.
[FIX] Correct line numbers were not displayed when searching for all symbols.
[FIX] After replacing all search items found, the symbol tree was not updated correctly.
[FIX] Variables defined in functions as GLOBAL. Does not appear in the symbol list of the globally defined list.
[FIX] Incorrect parsing of special characters in the source code (also comments). (hopefully solved: ()
[FIX] Code tips multiply after finishing the settings dialog.
[FIX] Code tips of functions sometimes do not display the correct variable types.
[FIX] Local debug display does not sort the parameters correctly.
[FIX] Auto-complete within strings.
[FIX] If the plugin-definition-file is missing, the function symbols are now read from the standard-plugin-file. Function parameters are defined as Param1, Param2,..... enumerated.
[FIX] If a function is copied then renamed, the first function loses all variable contents.
[FIX] Symbols are not updated when deleting the source code.
[FIX] When marking with the mouse, the screen jumps unintentionally.
[FIX] In some cases ace crashes when adding a new file.
[FIX] Search does not always return reliable line numbers.
[FIX] Info panel has been made movable.
[FIX] Switch to the Help tab when F1 (Help) is pressed.
[FIX] SmartFormat with Local Variables does not work.
[FIX] Auto-complete with local variables does not work.
[FIX] When you start the Debugger, local variables are not displayed immediately.
[FIX] Comment tags multiply when lines above are deleted or added.
[FIX] Variables are not inserted correctly in Type's.
[FIX] Notification works only out of a function.
[FIX] No correct update of symbols in the tree. After Replace all.
[FIX] Crash when changing the workspace and then click in an open document of the new workspace.

[ADD] APK-Export (experimental please report issues)
[ADD] Html5-Export (experimental please report issues)