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AgkSharp project examples exe and source.

4 thoughts on “AgkSharp Examples 2018-05-10

  • I am an owner of all Dark Basic products including all AGK products. I also program in C Sharp in my day job.

    Thank you very much for this awesome addition to AGK.

    James Hobden

    • Parker

      Hello madbit, I am curious to know if all the commands in C# for windows (not mobile or linux specific commands) work? i believe I was having trouble with getting mouse x position. Thanks!

      • MadBit

        Yes, all functions are wrapped.
        The mouse should work, too. You are welcome to ask your question in the forum if you need support. Either here in the main thread or you open your own. If you make one of your own it would be good if you mark it with [AgkSharp].

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