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From now on there are no more single packages for Linux, Windows and binaries. Now it's all in one package.
The directory structure in the package is self-explanatory, I think. With the update I am equal to AppGameKit version 2019.11.27. No new features have been added since the last update. TGC has only added commands for the mobile devices and for the Studio version. The Studio commands are also available in the Classic version, but they do nothing. They are empty functions.

These functions are meant.

  • SetObjectMeshCastShadow
  • SetObjectShaderConstantArrayFloatByName
  • SetObjectShaderConstantArrayVec2ByName
  • SetObjectShaderConstantArrayVec3ByName
  • SetObjectShaderConstantArrayVec4ByName
  • SetShaderErrorMode
  • SetShaderConstantArrayFloatByName
  • SetShaderConstantArrayVec2ByName
  • SetShaderConstantArrayVec3ByName
  • SetShaderConstantArrayVec4ByName
  • IsInvertedDepth
  • GetClipSpaceMode
  • IsTopLeftOrigin
  • GetDrawing3DSetupTime
  • MakeColor
  • GetColorAlpha
  • SetPresentMode
  • ForcePresent
  • GetAppInstalled

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