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Tested distributions


  • Ubuntu 16.04 Mate x64, x32 (VirtualBox) - Debian
  • Mint 18.04 Cinamon x64 (Native) - Debian
  • Manjaro Xfce x64 (Native, VirtualBox) - Arch
  • Kubuntu 18.04 KDE - Plasma x64 (Native) - Debian


  • Install Monodevelop according to your system. (search the Internet for a guide may vary from system to system)
  • Extract the archive with the mono templates to your hard disk.
  • For a new project copy the corresponding template into your project folder.
  • With Monodevelop you can load the sln or vcproj file and rename the project name and assembly name.

Known issues:
Agk.GetReadPath() Returns not the path of the started program, but the path where mono is located. (/usr/bin)
Agk.GetWritePath() Returns the path of the started assembly. (programms current directory)

It would be nice if I could get feedback about which systems it works on and which don't.

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