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The maintenance effort is too high for me to create new templates with every release. So from now on I will only distribute the project directories. You have to copy them into your solution and rename them if necessary.

CHG Core.cs and Program.cs changed to look homogeneous and compatiblety between Linux and Windows templates.

NEW Linux-Templates x32/x64

ADD 64 bit templates have been added. (Windows)
ADD AGKVector2 added 'Normal' attribute.
ADD AGKVector3 class
ADD AGKVector4 class
ADD AGKMatrix4 class
ADD AGKQuaternion class

FIX AGKVector2.Refract(AGKVector2 v, AGKVector2 n, float eta) is now a static function.
FIX AGKVector2.Dot(AGKVector2 v1, AGKVector2 v2) is now a static function.
FIX WinForm-Template mouse inputs can now be retrieved with the agk-commands. (thanks to 'stan10785' and 'MateiSoft')

Based onĀ  AppGameKit Version 2018.08.30

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