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Update to AppGameKit Version 2018.11.08

2 thoughts on “AgkSharp Project-Templates 2018-11-11

  • Mr. That

    Is there any way to install these to with with vs2017? The first time I extracted these to the project template folders, they didn’t show up in create new project section. Then I realized that they were structured differently than the ones that the instructions told me to download as I downloaded the older versions (7-7) that worked for me.

    • MadBit


      In the meantime some of the templates have changed. The effort was too high to create a new template each time, which integrates into the Templates folder. If there are no more changes to the templates, I will create one again for integration. Until then you have to copy the project folder and adapt the name to your project. As I already described it in this thread.


      There you can also get all the news about AgkSharp.

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