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FIX - Keycodes of Numpad (Mul, Div, Min, Add, Dec) corected
ADD - AgkNode class.
ADD - AgkShader class.
ADD - AgkMesh class.
ADD - AgkObject3D class.
ADD - Math.Wrap(min, max, val) Function.
ADD - Constructor AgkImage(File, ScaleX, ScaleY) to load a rescaled image. (mentioned by Kyle873)
ADD - Agk.SetSpriteShape(SpriteID, ESpritePhysicsShape) to set the Sprite shape. (mentioned by Kyle873)
ADD - Agk.SpriteSetShape(ESpritePhysicsShape, ShapeID) to set the sprite shape via Sprite class. (mentioned by Kyle873)
ADD - Agk.PlayMusicOGG(MusicID, bool) overloaded. (mentioned by Kyle873)
ADD - Agk.SetDefaultMinFilter(EMinMagFilter) / Agk.SetDefaultMagFilter(EMinMagFilter) overloaded. (mentioned by Kyle873)
ADD - Agk.IsSpriteInScreen(SpriteID) created to check is a sprite in screen. (mentioned by Kyle873)
ADD - SetSpriteShape(SpriteID, ESpritePhysicsShape, ShapeID) to create physics shapes on Sprites. (mentioned by Kyle873)
ADD - AgkFont Class. To load fonts. (mentioned by Kyle873)
ADD - SetFont(AgkFont) for AgkText to set custom font. (mentioned by Kyle873)