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Update to AGK library 2018.06.22
Sibling functions such as

  • Agk.GetSpriteExists(uint id) has sibling function Agk.IsSpriteExists(uint id) (returns boolean)
  • Agk.SetSpriteActive(uint id, int mode) has sibling function Agk.SetSpriteActive(uint id, bool mode) (boolean parameter)
  • Agk.GetSpriteTransparency(uint spriteId) has sibling function Agk.GetSpriteTransparencyEnum(uint spriteId) (returns an enum)
  • Agk.SetSpriteTransparency(uint spriteId, int mode) has sibling function Agk.SetSpriteTransparency(uint spriteId, ETransparencyMode mode) (enum as parameter)

New Classes

  • AgkImage
  • AgkSprite
  • AgkText
  • AGKVector2

Extended the WinForms templates for VB and C#. So that they now also loop through the mouse and button inputs to AGK.

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